Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is high-quality and affordable mental health care.

We accept most insurance providers both in-network and out-of-network plans. We will explain your session cost and out-of-network coverage if applicable on your phone call before setting up an appointment. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you. Please call us a 212-695-9101 to find out more about your cost

To schedule your first session, please call us at 212-695-9101.

Out-of-network means using a provider that is not directly covered by your health insurance. 

Insurance companies often limit the number of sessions they will cover. Unfortunately, therapy is an ongoing process and the time you need to heal and reach your goals may be longer than what your insurance is willing to cover. Using your out-of-network benefits does not place limits on your therapy.

If you see a therapist in-network they’re required to give you a diagnosis. Based on your diagnosis, your insurance provider may determine that therapy is not “medically necessary.” As a result, they won’t cover your treatment and you’ll be responsible for the full cost of therapy. Often times resulting in therapy becoming unaffordable and individuals do not get the support they need to improve their mental health.

Finding a therapist is a difficult process and by looking for an in-network provider you limit yourself to a list of providers you can see. Looking for an out-of-network provider expands the list of therapists you can see; as well as increases the likelihood of finding a therapist that specializes in unique evidence based therapies to help you improve your mental health symptoms.

The duration of each individual and family/couples therapy session is 45-55 minutes.

The duration of each group therapy session is 60 minutes.

Canceling or rescheduling within 48 hours of your appointment time for Tuesday through Friday appointments or after 5 pm on Friday for Monday appointments will result in a late cancellation/rescheduling fee.

We are offering both in person and telehealth services!

Our office is conveniently located in Midtown, on the east side of Manhattan, at 240 Madison Avenue (between 37th and 38th street). Transportation to our office is easy. Take the B, N, R, or Q train to 34th Street Herald Square, or the 4, 5, or 6 train to 42nd Street Grand Central.

If you choose to do a telehealth session, you will be provided a link to a HIPAA-compliant video session.

Rainier Center offers services to people located in New York and New Jersey.

Our main office near Grand Central offer in-person services.

We are currently accepting new clients in New York and New Jersey.

We require clients to attend weekly therapy sessions during the initial stages of therapy. This policy is in place as it helps the therapist get to know you better, help you feel better, and reach your goals faster. Bi-weekly sessions result in spending your sessions catching up on what has happened in the past two weeks rather than focusing on improving your mental health. Bi-weekly sessions are reserved for clients after they’ve reached their goals in therapy and want maintenance sessions, or are looking to work towards terminating therapy.

We accept all major credit cards, and HSA/FSA. 

Let's Talk

If you’re interested in getting to know one of our therapists better, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation! This will give you the opportunity to have any questions or concerns you have answered and determine if you and the therapist are a good fit to work together.