Rates & Insurance


We accept private pay, and we work with clients who have Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, and other major insurance carriers as out-of-network providers. Coverage for our services will vary depending on your insurance plan. At no cost to you, we are happy to look up your insurance policy to determine the estimated cost of treatment for you.

We know using your out-of-network benefits can be costly and daunting. To remove the stress of using out-of-network benefits while keeping therapy affordable, we have chosen to work closely with other platforms to help you get reimbursed faster, and offer lower sliding scale rates than our competitors.


We offer lower rates than our competitors to ensure you’re not overpaying for treatment. Our fee for individual and couples/family therapy range from as low as $85-$200 per session, depending on the service provided and the therapist. Our fee for group therapy range from as low as $100 per session.

Insurances typically reimburse 60%-80% of their reasonable, customary rate after the out-of-network deductible is met.

Compared to other out-of-network providers we partnered with a third-party billing platform to remove the hassle of out-of-network benefits and help you get reimbursed at a faster rate

Why is it better to use your out-of-network benefits?

Insurance companies can limit the number of sessions


This puts you at risk of ending therapy before you’re ready or being forced to pay out-of-pocket for more sessions with no option for being reimbursed. The healing process is different for everyone and can take longer than the allowable number of sessions insurance will cover.

Assigning a diagnosis


In order to submit claims in-network, the therapist must provide a diagnosis. This diagnosis can follow you later in life in court cases as your insurance company will be required to provide the court with your treatment information or prevent you from obtaining life insurance.

In-network in not cheaper

In-network benefits require you to pay a copay for each session which can sometimes be quite high and cost more money than using your out-of-network benefits. You may also have a high in-network deductible, meaning you’re still paying out of pocket for months before your insurance kicks in.

Often out-of-network benefits are affordable or even more affordable than going in-network.

Finding a therapist
Limiting yourself to in-network providers limits you to finding the right therapist for you. In addition, that therapist may not have availability for weeks or months. Sticking with out-of-network providers opens up more options for you.
You won’t be forced to change therapists.
If your insurance changes, you won’t have to change therapists as you’re already using an out-of-network therapist. Meaning you won’t have to start over, rebuild trust, or get comfortable with someone new.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your weekly session at any time. To consider your therapist’s schedule and time, we require 48-hour advance notice of cancellation. However, we know that unexpected things can happen at the last minute, so if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment or you have not notified us 48 hours in advance, we will try to reschedule your appointment within the week of your appointment. If we are unable to reschedule, you will be responsible for the full fee for the missed session.

Let's Talk

If you’re interested in getting to know one of our therapists better, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation! This will give you the opportunity to have any questions or concerns you have answered and determine if you and the therapist are a good fit to work together.